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If you are eager to find out how ‘Agile’ your organisation is, then an Agile Assessment is a great place to start.

Assessments are not tests. They are tools that help you assess capability, readiness and identify opportunities to improve.

Assessments should be taken on a regular basis. We recommend that you do yours on a quarterly basis to get the most out of those assessments.

Agile Assessments are supported and/or facilitated via our Agile leadership team, business agility consultants, and Agile coaches. They can benefit the early stages of transformation planning by determining the agility and readiness of your organisation.

There are many assessment options to help you work out agility. Some of these include:

Culture Assessment

Organisational Design & Process Assessment

Capability Assessment

Leadership Agility 360

Assessment Outcomes

  • Align culture with company vision
  • Align organisational design structure and processes
  • Map current and desired structure
  • An independent and contextual view of the current Agile capability
  • An overview of the frameworks available
  • An overview of the frameworks available
  • Clear visibility on areas of improvement and knowledge gaps across the organisation
  • Recommendations on best practice to implement any improvements
  • Action plan to implement improvements

Whether you use our free ‘Business Agility Assessment’ or delve deeper with a bespoke assessment or consultation, you can determine the areas of your organisation that are in need of improvement.

Our Scrum Master and Agile Coach assessment tools will help you assess current capability and plan for future training requirements. They will also help you evaluate how effective training, coaching and mentoring engagements are on a regular basis. Our coaching team work with Scrum Masters and apprenticeship-level Agile Coaches to assess their strengths and weaknesses whilst helping them plan career progression with clear KPIs and skills-related milestones.

Our Business Agility assessment helps your organisation plan effectively by understanding exactly where you currently are in terms of Business Agility capability and where you need to be to ensure a successful Agile transformation.

The Business Agility canvas is a valuable tool that helps our agile coaches and consultants work with teams and leadership to identify opportunities as well as threats.

Free Downloadable Assessments

The Business Agility Assessment

The Scrum Master Assessment

Get in touch for more information on our Agile assessments and how we can help you make the most of those assessments.