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We have a range of free, downloadable and on-demand Scrum & Agile tools and assessments available to help you on your journey with Agile and Scrum, including our Business Agility Canvas, Scrum Master Assessment and On-Demand Scrum Master Preparation Exams.

Assessments are a great way to measure your progress, it’s really useful to see where you are on your journey and how far you are from reaching your goal. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, there are a number of books on our reading list that might help, this Scrum Alliance article has some great pointers on how to get started with what to measure, or if you would like some help from us then get in touch!

Find out more about each resource below.

The Business Agility Assessment

Assess your organisation to frame the interventions needed for transformation, in your own context

The Business Agility Canvas

Visualise and communicate your agile transformation on a single page to create alignment & buy-in

The Scrum Master Assessment

Assess your performance as a Scrum Master to establish a clear understanding of your skillset, enabling focus for professional development

Scrum Master Preparation Exams

If you are preparing to take your Scrum Master exam, or looking to test your Scrum knowledge, this free on-demand course is perfect for you.

The Wheel of Pain Assessment

Identify potential problems to improve your teams agile practices and increase the chances of project success

Agile Transformation Masterclass

 Uncover the top 7 mistakes made on Agile transformations and how to prevent them

Scrum in 20 Minutes Masterclass

Explore the main components of the Scrum framework in this bitesize masterclass