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Welcome to Agile Centre video library, full of videos, how to’s and FAQ’s to support you with your Agile journey.

How much of an impact does a great Agile leader have and why?
What is the most impressive turnaround you have seen a scrum adoption achieve?
Which do you prefer for product development, Kanban or Scrum?
If your organization has less than 50 people, how hard is it to adopt and succeed with Scrum?
Did following a certification path change the game for you, if so, how?
What is the major difference between executive and team coaching?
What is the most powerful coaching session you have been a part of?
How important is a solid apprenticeship for scrum masters?
What does timeboxing mean? When can a sprint be cancelled and by whom?
How would you deal with a difficult or disruptive product stakeholder?
How is definition of done defined and why does it matter?
How does a scrum master deal with scope creep?
How should a scrum master track sprint progress?
What are the primary risks in scrum and how are they dealt with?
What are the key skills of a scrum master?
What are some of the disadvantages or drawbacks of using Scrum?
What is user story mapping and how do you go about doing that effectively?
What do you do when the organisation is breaking or failing to honour agile values and principles?
The developers encounter a technical issue that requires them to swarm. How would you approach this?
A product owner refuses to allow the team access to stakeholders and customers. What would you do?
The organisation is planning a roadshow and they ask you, as the scrum master, to contribute to several events. What would your response be?
What do you do if the team aren’t creating or using user stories in their backlog items?
One of the development teams elects to have a developer as a product owner? What would your response be?
One of the development teams elects to have a developer as a scrum master? What would your response be?
How does a scrum master increase the productivity of a scrum team?
Is a scrum master a management position, and if not, why not?
You have a pilot that is going well, but the rest of the organisation don’t understand scrum which causes problems. What do you do?
A scrum master has a growing list of impediments without resolution. Who would you consult and why?
Which metrics are and are not acceptable when assessing the value of a user story?
Does enforcing scrum process not contradict the Agile value of people over processes?
How will you ensure the team complete action items within the agreed timeframe?
Would you include a health check on the team during a retrospective and if so, how?
Agile Top Tip – How do you conduct a Daily Scrum with a large team?
Agile Top Tip – How do you address impediments in the Daily Scrum?
Agile Top Tip – How do you structure the Daily Scrum?
Agile Top Tip – How do you keep the Daily Scrum within the timebox?
What would you include in an offline kanban board and why?
How do you approach stand-ups with distributed teams?
Would you recommend daily stand ups for all teams regardless of size or experience?
As a facilitator, how does a scrum master prepare for a workshop?
As a scrum master, when should you not act as a facilitator?
What are the 2 primary ways in which a scrum master ensures a high-performance team environment?
What are the most common reasons for a scrum master to attend the daily scrum?
During the daily scrum, what exactly is the scrum master’s role?
What structure do you consider best for a user story?
How do you choose the most valuable user story?
Agile Top Tip – How to set personal goals that align with organisational goals
Agile Top Tip – How to make goals specific
Agile Top Tip – How to make sure goals are realistic
Agile Top Tip – How to manage (and set) goals in a volatile world
Agile Top Tip – What do you do when a goal becomes obsolete?
Agile Top Tip – Conducting a Sprint Review when not all stakeholders can attend
Agile Top Tip – How to support your team after receiving negative feedback in a Sprint Review
Agile Top Tip – Conducting a Sprint Review when the Product Owner is not present
Agile Top Tip – How to give (and receive) constructive criticism in the Sprint Review
Agile Top Tip – How to foster openness from everyone in the Sprint Review
Agile Top Tip – How to make continuous improvement items actionable
Agile Top Tip – How to facilitate a virtual Retrospective
Agile Top Tip – How to facilitate a Retrospective when the Sprint hasn’t gone to plan
Agile Top Tip – How to prioritise continuous improvement ideas
Agile Top Tip – How to facilitate a Retrospective when the team lacks psychological safety
The product owner converts stakeholder requirement documents into tickets and asks the team to estimate them. Are you ok with that?
What is a good example of agile proving successful in an organisation you have worked with in the past?
How do you recommend a scrum master to follow up on action items?
How would you influence or encourage product stakeholders to attend daily scrums?
Who writes user stories and what would you advise them to write in those stories?
Why aren’t user stories estimated in hours or days?
How would you help the team identify and select the most valuable backlog items for the upcoming sprint?
What kind of information would you ask the product owner for to give the scrum team an update on the product and market situation?
Do scrum team members need to wait until the next daily stand up to ask for help in resolving impediments or obstacles?
A member of the scrum team does not want to participate in planning. How do you deal with that?
How do you help pick good user stories for the scrum team to include in sprint planning?
How would you determine the success of agile within your organization?
A product owner assigns specific user stories to specific team members. How do you react?
How much capacity would you consider to refactor, fix important bugs, explore new technologies and ideas?
Your product owner has pushed to include a user story in the upcoming sprint, but the design is not yet finalised. How do you react?
What is a definition of ready?
Is velocity a good proxy for productivity?
The product backlog has over 200 items. Is this acceptable?
What are the most common reasons for a scrum team failing to meet their commitments?
What do you consider to be the most important scrum event and why?
What is sprint zero?
What is ScrumBan and why is it a popular option for agile teams?
How does an Agile coach help create a highly motivated, self-organising team?
What are the differences between coaching and mentoring?
What is Agile coaching?
Why do organisations and teams need an agile coach?
What role does management play during the Agile transition?
What types of strategies have worked well for Agile transformations?
What are the top 3 challenges when transitioning to Agile?
Why should an organization adopt an agile way of working?
How would you, as an Agile coach, manage overlapping iterations?
How would you deal with a team that resist the Agile methodology?
What is the hardest part of managing an Agile transformation?
What do you do if your scrum team hate retrospectives and devolve into blaming one another?
Which agile processes have you used in the past and which ones do you find most effective?
How does an Agile coach go about choosing the length of a sprint?
What exercise do you recommend scrum teams to run in a sprint review?
How much of a role should an Agile coach play in a sprint review?
What are the common mistakes you see in sprint reviews?