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Agile Leadership Reading List

Welcome to our Agile leaders reading list, check out our Agile leadership library to help support you with your journey.

Introduction to Business Agility

The 6 Enablers of Business Agility

Karim Harbott

The Age of Agile

Steve Denning

Doing Agile Right

Darrell Rigby, Sarah Elk, & Steve Berez

The Invincible Company

Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Alan Smith, & Frederic Etiemble


Gary Hamel & Michele Zanini

Leadership & Management

Turn the Ship Around!

L. David Marquet

Leadership Agility

Bill Joiner & Stephen Josephs

Trillion Dollar Coach

Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg

Leaders Eat Last

Simon Sinek

The Art of Action

Stephen Bungay

The Future of Management

Gary Hamel

Your Brain at Work

David Rock

Management 3.0

Jurgen Appelo

Organisational Culture

Competing Values Leadership

Kim S .Cameron, Robert E. Quinn & Jeff DeGraff

Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture

Kim S. Cameron & Robert E. Quinn

The Culture Code

Daniel Coyle

Reinventing Organisations

Frederic Laloux & Ken Wilber

Organizational Culture and Leadership

Edgar Schein

What You Do Is Who You Are

Ben Horowitz

Organisational Structure

Team of Teams

General Stanley McChrystal

Lead and Disrupt

Charles O’Reilly & Michael Tushman

Reinventing the Organization

Arthur Yeung & Dave Ulrich

Large-Scale Scrum

Craig Larman & Bas Vodde

People & Engagement

Build It

Glenn Elliot & Debra Corey

Agile People

Pia-Maria Thoren

Corporate Rebels

Joost Minnaar & Pim de Morree

No Rules Rules

Reed Hastings & Erin Meyer

First, Break All the Rules

Marcus Buckingham


Daniel Pink

Delivering Happiness

Tony Hsieh


Ricardo Semler

Governance & Funding

Testing Business Ideas

David J. Bland & Alexander Osterwalder

The Invincible Company

Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur, Alan Smith, & Frederic Etiemble

The Lean Product Lifecycle

Tendayi Viki, Craig Strong & Sonja Kresojevic

The Lean Startup

Eric Ries

Implementing Beyond Budgeting

Bjarte Bogsnes


Evan Leybourn & Shane Hastie

Leading the Change

Start with Why

Simon Sinek


John P Kotter

Dual Transformation

Scott D. Anthony, Clark G. Gilbert, & Mark W. Johnson